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A beastified being risen from the collective

26 December
I'm Clawdia! Here's my journal of stuff, lots of METAL \m/ related goings on,sometimes LOTR related but mostly what I get up to which more than often involves cider! Also with The Hobbit on the way the geek levels are rising again!

I also write for an online Metal ZineSoundshock.

Music wot I 'ave been listening to:
havocclaudia"s Profile Page
1349, 1984, a clockwork orange, abigor, airships, akercocke, amon amarth, amorphis, amsterdam, at the gates, balrogs, bathory, behexen, being a geek, big lebowski, black altar, black metal, black sabbath, bloodbath, carcass, carpathian forest, castles, cathedral, celtic frost, cheese, christopher lee, climbing up things, clive barker, curry, dark angel, dark funeral, darkthrone, days out, death, death metal, deathspell omega, deicide, detrimentum, diamanthian, dimmu borgir, dissection, doom metal, douglas adams, dr who, drinking lots of cider, dungeons & dragons cartoon, electric wizard, emperor, enslaved, enthroned, everton, evoken, exorcist, exploring, extreme metal, fairytales, fantasy, forefather, garth nix, gehenna, gigs, gorgoroth, guitars, gustave dore, h.r. giger, halloween, hammer horror, hammerfall, harry hill, hate forest, he-man, heavy metal, hellboy, hellraiser, horror, immolation, immortal, incantation, iron maiden, iron monkey, isengard, lacuna coil, lord of the rings, lovecraft, marduk, mayhem, medieval weaponary, megadeth, meshuggah, monty python, moonfog, morbid angel, my dying bride, naglfar, nasty little hobbits, negura bunget, neighbours, nemi, nightbreed, nightmare before christmas, norway, old man's child, old metallica, orcs, pantera, pasta, pheonix nights, pimms, playing the guitar, possessed, reading lots & lots, red dwarf, robert rankin, roxy music, satyricon, sci-fi, setherial, sinister, slayer, snow, star wars, steampunk, storm, studio ghibli, suffocation, swords, taake, terry pratchett, testament, the hobbit, thorns, thrash metal, tim burton, tolkien, tori amos, tormentor, venom, viking metal, vikings, vomitory, wacken, walter moers, watain, wensleydale, winter, wongraven, writing reviews, zombies, zyklon-b


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